>Tick Tock

>I have a serious tick problem. I know that I have mentioned it before but I am just starting to realize how serious it is. They are everywhere. On my dogs, on me, in my bed, on my walls, everywhere. I know this makes me sound dirty but I am actually quite clean. I just cleaned my house from top to bottom, as I do every Sunday. I cleaned all my linens and clothes, wiped down the walls, cleaned the floors, washed the dogs and I still keep finding ticks. An exterminator came and sprayed my house last week to get rid of termites and apparently I need to call someone to get rid of the ticks as well. But first I am going to cut all the grass and trees in my yard so that everything is bare and then I’m gonna spray the heck out of the place. Please pray for this problem to go away, I’m really tired of it!!

This is totally random but I thought I’d also mention how much I love doing laundry. I don’t love to clean in general but washing clothes is different. We don’t use dryers in Thailand so I hang everything up in the sun to dry and for some reason, it is very therapeutic for me. My washing machine is pretty hard on clothes so anything delicate has to be hand washed and I love doing that as well. Maybe I have some kind of a disorder… 🙂


One thought on “>Tick Tock

  1. >I hope you get the tick problem fixed too. I keep worrying about you getting Lyme disease from all the times you mention finding a tick on you. I worry about that because when my rheumatologist was first assessing me she had to rule out lyme disease, and hearing that made me want to know what it is.Ad for your washing fetish… I guess I’m letting an opinion in there… I think it’s fine, it’s fairly healthy to have some type of chore that’s liked. I love organizing things, I tend to obsess over our shopping lists, and yes, I do mean plural. It’s not that I’m materialistic, it’s just I always want a plan for what we’re spending our funds on, what needs fixing or replacing and so on… I guess that’s my house-wify weirdness.

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