>It Must Be The Weather Change

>My Thai friends hold strongly to the belief that with the weather change comes sickness. I realize that there is some truth in this but I had never heard it exclaimed so many times before moving here. Whenever anybody gets sick, someone says “it must be the weather change.” Sometimes it makes me laugh because the weather always seems to be hot or hotter and that change doesn’t seem like it could cause sickness.

Yesterday I started coughing. Last night I started sneezing. This morning, as I dragged myself out of bed coughing and sneezing, I said aloud, “it must be the weather change.” And I meant it. Two weeks ago it was hot and last week it was cold. This week is hot again and I am convinced that the changes in weather is causing my sickness, as well as the sicknesses of the handful of friends I ran into today who were also coughing and sneezing.

Thanks a lot Mr. Weather!

P.S. I somehow made it back to Thailand without bringing any cold medicine with me. Anyone want to send me a supply of Dayquil and Nyquil? I will love you forever!!


One thought on “>It Must Be The Weather Change

  1. >Can meds like that be sent? I need to go get some myself, so maybe I might send a little care package if you know it’ll pass customs. My grandma used to send me meds from Europe for my arthritis (before the FDA finally approved them here, I now get them here.) And she used to fill out the customs for as vitamins… interesting how partial truths work in the mail sometimes.

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