>I mentioned the political problems in my earlier post and at the time I was feeling relatively distance from what was occurring in Bangkok. However, I just read an article on CNN that stated the following:

“…Protesters wearing yellow shirts in Chiang Mai pulled a 60-year-old man from his car and shot and killed him late Wednesday, Reuters journalist John Sanlin told CNN. Anti-government protesters typically wear yellow shirts, he said…”

And now I am feeling a little less safe. Here is the link for the full article: Thai PM Rejects Calls….

Here are a couple more links giving a bit more background:

Descent into Chaos
Thailand’s Political Crisis

Check them out and please be praying!


2 thoughts on “>Chaos

  1. >I’m praying for your safety and for peace, Jennifer Sue. I saw the reports on the news and instantly thought of you. You and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

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