>Thanksgiving Tacos

>I have to start this post by squeezing a little bit of sympathy out of you with the following statement. My heart hurts today knowing that tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving in 29 years without family. I am trying not to think about it too much because if Thanksgiving is hard, imagine how I will feel on Christmas!

However if I can’t be with family tomorrow, I will be with the next best thing: Aon and Ya. My closest friends on this side of the world, my Thai family.

They work for Americans who have given them the day off to celebrate. I work for Thai people which means it is just like any other day. I will be leaving early though to celebrate with my “family”. I asked A and Y what they want for dinner and they said tacos. So, tomorrow I will be cooking Thanksgiving tacos and I am sure it will feel very festive. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

P.S. Please pray for Thailand. I’m not sure what those of you outside of Thailand are hearing, but there is a lot of major political stuff happening right now. I am not going to attempt to tell you about it now because I don’t quite understand it fully myself and I am still asking questions and researching. But please pray for our government and the people of Thailand. Please pray specifically for peace and safety. Thanks!


One thought on “>Thanksgiving Tacos

  1. >Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer Sue! I’m so grateful that you have Aon and Ya. I know you will miss your family tomorrow, but hope that you enjoy your new Thanksgiving traditions. Do you put turkey and cranberry sauce in your Thanksgiving tacos? 🙂

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