>Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!

>That song has been running through my head repeatedly for the past four hours because my roommate was humming it earlier…

I have started walking with Aon and Ya, some of yesterday’s pictures were from our walk. There is a beautiful place not far from where I live and we have been walking there and back. It is about a 5 kilometer walk which I believe is about 3 miles. It is an easy walk on completely flat ground and I really enjoy it. Yesterday we took the dogs and by the end of it, I had to carry Gracie because she was just too tired. I guess 5 kilometers is pretty far when your legs are only two inches long and your hips are bad. Anyway, all of that was to set you up for me complaining that today my legs are killing me. The front of my shins are so sore! I would expect the back of the legs to be sore but not the front. It is weird. Stairs are very difficult and since The Centre is 8 levels, it takes awhile to get downstairs from my office. I have done this walk several times before and I have never been sore before so I am not sure what is causing it. Maybe I walked funny yesterday or something… Ever had the front of your legs hurt?

Yesterday was quite a day. I woke up super early after only sleeping about two hours and went walking with Aon and Ya. After that, I drove across town and picked up my friend, Michelle. She moved in with me yesterday so we brought all of her stuff over and got her settled. Then I went grocery shopping with A and Y to buy ingredients for my Thanksgiving tacos. It is amazing how difficult it is to find the makings for tacos here! After a couple hours and a couple stores, we went home with everything except sour cream. We then proceeded to make homemade salsa. I had never made it before, A and Y had never even tasted it before. It took so long to chop everything up small enough and mix it all together but it was totally worth it! Near the end of making it, Aon handed me a chili pepper, told me it wasn’t spicy and asked me to try it. I stuck it in my mouth and immediately started experiencing intense pain. My lips were on fire, my tongue and throat were burning, my nose was running, my face was bright red and I was sweating. You should know that usually I can handle pretty spicy stuff but this was the spiciest I had ever tasted. As I was jumping up and down in pain, I could hear Ya yelling at Aon that she gave me the wrong wrong chili pepper and that it is the bigger ones that are not spicy. It took about 30 minutes before the pain went away and I could laugh about the situation. And luckily, I had wonderful tacos and salsa to eat to wash that chili pepper down! Altogether, it was a great Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for!


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