>I just drank a double shot of espresso because I was falling asleep at my desk and now my whole body is awake and shaking… Just thought you should know.

I need some prayer. I haven’t written a newsletter in months and I have totally fallen behind on emails and keeping in touch with people. I am so behind on thank you cards to my supporters that they have probably all forgotten about me, which is not a good thing! I really need to get a newsletter done this week but I need prayer for time and motivation to get it done. Will you please pray for me??!!!!!!



One thought on “>Caffeinated

  1. >Have you written it yet? If not, I will pray! I definitely understand the feeling of NEEDING to write, but having virtually zero motivation to write. I also have to rely on writing to pay some of the bills (it’s my job!), which can be a little stifling to the creativity. Anyway, glad I found your blog! And the photos in the previous post are amazing. Wow!

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