>New Business

>So, I have decided to start a new business by selling my photos. I live in an area that is constantly crowded by tourists and I am constantly taking photos of Thailand, so why not turn them into postcards and sell them? It will help supplement my “Missionary Salary.”

Check out these photos and tell me what you think. This is just a random selection of some of my favorites but I haven’t edited them yet so don’t judge them by that yet. I also have a ton more photos of Thai people that I think will make great postcards.

Anyway, I’d love some feedback so tell me what you think!


6 thoughts on “>New Business

  1. >You have some great images, but when I buy postcards it’s usually to remember a site/location etc. And it’s mostly because it’s a picture I can’t capture myself.It might be “un-artistic” but I would suggest getting images of tourist things at times when tourists don’t usually take their pictures. Like times when the attraction isn’t crowded with people, or at night if it’s light up, etc.Great idea and I pray that it brings you enjoyment and income.

  2. >Thanks Alon, I appreciate your thoughts! I do have a lot of pictures of the city of Chiang Mai that I plan to add to the set and turn into postcards. Chiang Mai has a lot of really cool temples and old city walls and stuff so I think those will sell. But I also want to include some general ones because I have a couple stores that have offered to sell them for me and that seems to be what they want. I totally agree with you though and I buy postcards also to remember a place. Guess I need to get out and take some more photos of this beautiful city! Thanks for the feedback, it is totally what I need!

  3. >I’ve always thought your photography is amazing, this move of yours to sell postcards just seems like a natural progression of turning something you are very good at into something semi-professional. I think this is a really good idea!

  4. >Katie, I’ll let you have a room in my mansion, rent free because I love you so much! But I’m pretty sure the only mansion I will ever own will be in heaven, not because I’m so good but because I am currently so poor. 🙂 And if one of us will ever be famous for their photos, it will definitely be you!

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