>Friendly Bloggers #3

>Thought I’d continue telling you a little more about the friendly bloggers in my side bar.

Sanborn Chronicles
is written by my friend, Anne Sanborn. I first met Anne and her husband, Sean when I was in high school and we attended the same church in San Jose. Years passed and in 2005 I was getting ready to leave my job at Amor Ministries and looking for a new ministry to be involved in. I got an email from Anne and Sean telling me about a ministry in Chiang Mai called The Centre. The Sanborns had been living in Thailand for a while and their email filled me with excitement. I have now been living in Chiang Mai for three years and although I don’t see Sean and Anne as much as I’d like to, I will forever be thankful for their friendship and direction!

Regent Adventures is written by Bethany. I met her in early 2006 when she came to work at The Centre for three months. I enjoy reading her blog because it is a collection of deep thoughts intermingled with humor. Check it out.

That’s What She Said
is written by Holly. When I was in college, I helped lead the junior high group at church and Holly was one of the junior highers. She is now an adult and has the most beautiful baby named Hazel. Holly’s blog makes me laugh on a regular basis and I love the honesty that comes out in her writing. Plus, did I mention that she has the most beautiful baby?!

Girl Of Cardigan is written by Karyn. I met Karyn when I lived in San Jose and we attended the same church. I love the way that Karyn writes, it is very clever and witty. She knits a lot and often writes about her knitting projects as well as daily life.

Adventures in Juggling is one of my favorite blogs to read. It is written by Laura whom I also met at church in San Jose when I was in high school. Laura is Holly’s mom as well as mom to a circus of children and writes many stories about her family and her life. Like her daughter, honesty shows in her writing and I love reading her entries!

More to come later…


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