>The One With Joey’s Porsche

>A weird thought occurred to me this past weekend and I have to warn you that this may seem somewhat morbid but if you don’t care, read on…

February 14th will be the three year anniversary of Tiffany’s death and she was 29 years old when she died. Tiffany’s birthday was 14 days after mine which means that on February 1st, I will surpass my older sister in age. Isn’t that weird? She never made it to 30 and I am almost 30 and I will soon be older than her. The thought doesn’t necessarily make me sad, it is just strange. The more time that passes since her death, the easier it is to think about her with a smile on my face. However, some things will always be weird.

By the way, I am watching Friends right now, hence the title to this post. Is there really any show better than Friends? The answer is NO!


2 thoughts on “>The One With Joey’s Porsche

  1. >I do the same math about my parents since they are gone. Both of my parents died months before their 70th birthdays, so my sister and I count how many years we have left “to live”. We believe that every day we live past the age of our parents is a gift. Your life is a gift. Keep living it accordingly. Happy Almost 30th Birthday.

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