>The Day My Pastor Punched Me

>My roommate tells me that I should write a book. Apparently I have led a pretty interesting and often funny life and she loves to sit and listen to my stories. Since I am definitely not going to write a book, sharing them on my blog seems like the next best thing.

Thought I’d start with a short story that just happened this past Sunday at church…

I run the sound system at church and I love it but occasionally things don’t go as planned. Towards the end of the music portion of the service, my pastor always gets up on stage and leads us in worship and then prayer. I know that my job is to turn on his cordless microphone as soon as he steps up on stage. This past Sunday I turned it on and nothing happened. I signaled to him to make sure he had the power on and he did so I checked a couple more things. Finally I decided to check the battery in the pack attached to his belt. I had put a fresh battery in for him and tested it before the service but we use rechargeables and you just never know. So I grabbed a new battery and made my way up to the stage where the pastor was worshiping. He was singing with his eyes closed so he didn’t see me approach. Just when I was about to tap on his arm, he was filled with the Spirit and flung his arms out in front of him in reverence to God. Unfortunately, my face was in his path of reverence and I got punched squarely in the nose. My eyes started watering immediately but I switched his battery out and ran back to my sound room before grabbing my face in pain.

Why do these kinds of things always happen to me? Maybe it is just so that I can come home and tell my roommate that my pastor punched me in the face and she can laugh.

Examples of future installments of my autobiography:

  • the time I fell out of the bus
  • the time the tv fell on me
  • close encounter with a lizard, parts 1 & 2
  • the time I fell into the bathroom
  • the time my sister knocked me out with a can
  • the time I flipped over the tent
  • the time the balance beam fell on me

And many more… 🙂


3 thoughts on “>The Day My Pastor Punched Me

  1. >If it's any consolation, I've got my own"the time I fell into the bathroom" & "the time the tv fell on me" stories, as well as "the time I took my shirt off at youth group" & "the time I peed in some random strangers apartment." And yes, there are more, but those are the only ones I'll even hint at confessing for now! ;0)You are a much braver and honest woman than I to be willing to post such a humbling story.

  2. >The time you fell through the sliding glass door, the time you knocked yourself out under the bathroom sink at church. The time Dave Brown dropped you on your head…I was just telling someone about when you fell out of the bus and I didn’t know where you were and had to sit in the school office by myself cause I thought you forgot about me.

  3. >Oh my goodness, I laughed out LOUD!!! I feel a little guilty because it sounds like it was painful, but WOW, what a good story. And what a good story-teller you are! I can’t wait for more installments of this series. 🙂

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