>Toyota Pirates Your Dreams

>Advertising in English is often a funny thing in Thailand. Most of the time the grammar is bad but after laughing, I can read it again and pretty much figure out what is trying to be said. Occasionally a sign makes absolutely no sense at all and those are my favorites because it seems as if they’ve just thrown a bunch of random words together. Toyota has a new slogan posted on the front of the dealership here in Chiang Mai and I really don’t get it. “Toyota Pirates Your Dreams” What does that mean? The first thing that comes to mind is that Toyota wants to steal my dreams and I have to say that I do not want to buy from them if that is going to happen. Am I missing something? Did you read that and it totally made sense to you? If so, please share it with me because I drive past the dealership almost every day and it is driving me crazy!!


4 thoughts on “>Toyota Pirates Your Dreams

  1. >They actually meant Toyota Celebrates Your Dreams, but because most of us are not celebrities and all of us dream about eating pie, they changed it to Pirates. And clearly, the logical conclusion from their happiness for us is to buy their cars.Glad I could help.

  2. >Haha. I like Allen’s response. I think they meant “Toyota Pilots Your Dreams” as in, your dream is to pilot a Toyota aka drive a Toyota. Pirates Pilots Same Same But Different.

  3. >Allen’s answer is funny, but Tamara’s is kind of the way I was taking it too. I’d be interested to know what the thai version says if it’s also along with it, and if there is any resemblance between the two.

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