>The One With The Frozen Keys

>I don’t claim to have a good memory, I never have. Mostly because if I were to claim it, somebody would probably prove me wrong in about 13 seconds. Quite plainly, my memory is bad. If you have any doubt about that statement, ask Tamara. She often shares with me the stories of my life because I can’t remember them myself. And when I do remember something, I share it with Tamara and she tells me that I am completely wrong, it didn’t happen that way at all. So here I am, claiming for all to hear, that my memory sucks.

However, I have little tricks that help me remember things. For instance, if I have to remember something later in the day, I move my watch to my right wrist. It feels so wrong there and drives me crazy and every time that I want to move it back to my left wrist, I remember what it is that I have forgotten. It works 99% of the time. If I have to remember something when leaving the house the next day, I put my keys in the refrigerator along with a note or the item I need to remember. I can’t leave the house without my keys and when retrieving them from the fridge, I remember the item I would otherwise have forgotten. This also works 99% percent of the time.

Until today…

A couple weeks ago at youth camp, I lost my keys. This has been driving me crazy because even though I am forgetful, I NEVER lose my keys! They have a place in my house and my purse and I just never lose them. I have been madly searching for them since camp, praying that I will find them and not have to start over. Fortunately when my keys were lost, my truck key was safely tucked away in my pocket. This was a good thing but also dangerous because it is much easier to misplace a single key and I have been trying my hardest not to do it. This morning I got up to go to The Centre and I couldn’t find my truck key. I tore my house apart looking for it, I called all three of my roommates asking if they had seen it and finally I just sat down in frustration and prayed that I would find it. Instead of leading me to the key, God reminded me that I had a spare key in the drawer in the kitchen. I got out the key, got in my truck and left for The Centre. About 15 minutes into the drive, I remembered that I had bought strawberries yesterday for the coffee shop and I’d left them in the fridge. It was at that moment that the light bulb in my head lit up and I remembered that my truck key was sitting in the fridge next to the strawberries so that I wouldn’t forget them. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and my funny ways of remembering things that don’t always work. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll remember!

On a side note, I went back and got the strawberries (and the key) and have made some excellent strawberry shakes today. The weirdest drink of the day was strawberries, pomegranate, passion fruit, mint, salt and ice all blended together. Some people order the weirdest things!


2 thoughts on “>The One With The Frozen Keys

  1. >That drink doesn’t sound weird. I’d give it a try. The keys in the fridge however, now you are one odd ball! LOL!Fun story, even if you were frustrated. I’ve gotten very dependent on keeping notes to myself on my phone. When I loose things or forget something it drives me crazy and I feel really low as a result. Have you ever tried keeping a day-timer? I actually have several if you want me to send you one to see if that would help.

  2. >I put something funny in the fridge the other day – I can’t remember what, but it wasn’t food! I am holding onto the excuse that pregnancy has turned my brain to mush!

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