>Apparently I’m Weird.

>My roommates like to make fun of me because I have this thing about skin. You might call it a phobia, you might call it weird, but I call it completely normal.

I really don’t like the feeling of skin against skin. I’m okay with shaking hands or giving hugs or even linking arms when walking but any prolonged skin against skin freaks me out. If I am sitting on the couch, trying to relax and your arm is touching mine, I will go crazy. I literally can’t handle it because it makes every muscle in my body tense up and there is no chance of relaxing. If I happen to be sharing a bed with someone and their arm touches mine while we are sleeping, I will immediately wake up and move as far away from them as I can. I really don’t like the feeling!
That’s completely normal… right? 🙂
This is where it gets a little strange, even I will admit it. I don’t even like my skin against my skin. I can’t sit with my legs crossed for very long because the legs touching each other is too weird. I can’t interlock my fingers for too long because it is just too much skin touching. The thing that bugs me the most about this problem is that it makes sleeping difficult. I currently live in a country that is very hot and humid and the weather calls for as little clothing as possible when sleeping. This causes skin against skin when rolling over or moving at all, and that makes me very uncomfortable. My favorite thing to sleep in is long pants, a long sleeve shirt and socks. In the three and a half years that I’ve lived here, it has only been cold enough to wear that once.
My roommates tell me that I will never get married unless I get over this issue but I beg to differ. Let me point out again that it is only prolonged contact that bothers me. Also, it bothers me the most when I am trying to relax so holding hands or linking arms while walking is mostly okay. Just don’t touch me when I’m trying to sleep!!
Do you guys think I’m weird?

2 thoughts on “>Apparently I’m Weird.

  1. >I would like to say that you are weird but unfortunately I can’t. I have what Dan and I call “boneaphobia”. I can’t have any bone on bone contact. I don’t like my ankles to touch, I don’t like someones elbow on me and so on. Love you and miss you Jen

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