>Day #1

>So there are 30 days left until my 30th birthday and I thought I’d mark the occasion by writing one thing I’m thankful for, for the next 30 days. Join me, if you will…

Today I am thankful for a comfortable bed. My bed may not be comfortable by American standards, in fact most of you would probably agree that I sleep on a rock, but I like it. After three and a half years of sleeping on rocks, they get pretty comfortable! I’ve been really tired lately and crawling into my comfy bed at the end of the day is a wonderful sensation! So, thank you God for my bed!
On a side note, I am not thankful for Shadowfax (the newest member of my family) peeing on my bed. Shadow joined the family a little over a month ago and has won the hearts of all of us. He is a Teacup Yorkie and weighs 2.2 kilos and is five months old. He is so adorable and loves to cuddle. We are currently potty training him and he definitely is getting better about going outside. Now he just needs to learn to wake me up in the middle of the night when he needs to go! Last night before I went to bed, I showered and then put clean sheets on my bed. I even washed my quilt yesterday so that everything would be clean. Aon and Ya laughed at me because they know that crawling into a clean bed is one of my favorite things at the end of the day. And I will admit that it felt wonderful. However, rolling over and putting my foot in a puddle of pee in the middle of the night did not feel wonderful! The problem is that Shadowfax is too small to jump up or down from my bed so when he has to go, he goes. I guess that I should probably figure out some stairs for him. And yet, even after all of that, I can’t be mad at him when I look at his sweet face. Here are some pictures:

His adorable face!

Isn’t he cute?

Shadowfax really loves Max and I’m pretty sure Max loves being a big brother!

Ya, Aon, Max, Gracie and Shadowfax

Shadowfax at the Coffee Shop with me, just hanging out while I work.

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