>Korp Khun Ka

>Day 6 (Tuesday): Today I’m thankful for kleenex boxes, Nyquil, hot tea and CSI reruns. I’m really thankful for Nick Stokes…

Day 7 (Wednesday): I’m thankful for Facebook. Go ahead and scoff if you’d like, but man, what an amazing place to get reconnected with old friends! Today I got an email on Facebook from Suzie. (If you are reading this, I hope you aren’t embarrassed!) Suzie was my best friend in grade school when my family lived in Napa. We moved away from Napa in 1990, the summer before 6th grade and we lost touch but I never forgot her. She’s in all my childhood pictures and I have so many memories of here floating around in my mind. I even have a postcard that I wrote to her and never sent. I wrote it after we moved away and I’m pretty sure that I never sent it because I didn’t have her address but I held on to it, hoping that someday I’d be able to send it. I still have it, tucked away in a photo album in my parents garage. I saw Suzie once when I was about 14 but I don’t remember much. I remember thinking that she was absolutely beautiful and wondering what she would look like when she grew up. And now, thanks to Facebook, I know. And yes, she is still absolutely beautiful but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that a piece of my childhood has come back and I’m so excited to get reconnected. So, thank you Facebook!

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