>Singing In The Rain

>Aon and Ya won’t let me take a shower.

What kind of friends do I have, you ask? Well, the best kind. And the Thai kind. One of my favorite things about having my two closest friends (on this side of the world) be Thai, is the cultural differences that are present in our friendship. The last few days I have been coughing and sneezing and pretty much feeling like my head is going to explode. I’ve been running a fever of somewhere around 102 degrees and I’ve been sleeping a lot. And I haven’t been allowed to take a shower. Aon and Ya feel very strongly that taking a shower is just going to make my fever worse. I can’t help but think that taking a cold shower when I have a high fever is a good idea, but they strongly disagree. Last night I was starting to feel better and I convinced them that I was well enough to shower and feel clean again. The weird thing is, as soon as my shower was finished, my fever spiked up to 103 again and I got the “I told you so” looks from both girls. I think I’ll listen to their health advice from here on out…

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