>Don’t Mess With Jesus

>There are times when I want to repeatedly kick myself for not having my camera with me. The days when I take it out of my purse to charge the battery and forget to put it back in are the days when I really NEED it! Sunday was one of those days.

Let me first give you a brief description of the t-shirt industry in Thailand. Tourism is huge here and t-shirts are a popular product to sell. The problem is that they are made without having the grammar or spelling checked and I often find myself just laughing at the things they say.
Sometimes they grammar is okay and the spelling is correct but the t-shirt is just wrong. I saw a shirt on Sunday that was the perfect example of this. I was at church talking to some friends after the service when an older Thai lady walked by with a t-shirt that said “Don’t f#@k with Jesus!” My initial response was shock, followed closely by the need to laugh and then sadness. This poor lady probably thought she was wearing a great Christian shirt because the only word she recognized and could read in English was “Jesus” and she probably had no idea how offensive her shirt was.
The moral of this story: Don’t mess with Jesus!!!

5 thoughts on “>Don’t Mess With Jesus

  1. >alon, i didn't say anything to her. i wanted to but it is kinda against thai culture to approach someone you don't know like that!bethany, if i ever see one i will send it to you!mike, the letters were f#@k or something like that. still just as bad though!

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