>An I Feel Statement

>Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on some other life by being here. I have to remind myself that God has me here for a reason and my life is the best it could be. And actually my life is really good but there is still that feeling occasionally. And I hate that feeling.


4 thoughts on “>An I Feel Statement

  1. >Well, I guess we all are if you think about it. Look at all the stuff I'm missing out on by NOT being in Thailand. Or Africa, or Australia, or Europe, for that matter. But I do miss you . . .

  2. >funny… because i feel exactly the same. how i am not living my best life since i am not following my passions of international humanitarian work. yes, there are trade offs, that is true… on both sides of the world. 🙂

  3. >Jen,I think that feeling is good. There is always a prodding for you to examine what you are doing and who you are becoming.I pray that this "feeling" draws you closer to God and continues to spur you on to great things!

  4. >I don't know anyone worth their worth who leads an unexamined life – the urge to consider what you could/should/would have is just a mechanism to remind yourself that everything in life is a choice. Your choices are opening you up to something others, like me can only dream of. God is always in charge, even when we think we are! I miss you, but that would happen if you were across town or across the world.

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