>It’ll Change Your Life

>I’ve always heard people talking about Macs like they were an incredible new species. They said things like “it will change your life” and “once you use a Mac, you’ll never go back.” I always thought that was weird, I mean, it is just a computer after all. I totally didn’t understand where these people were coming from.

A few months ago my Dell died, really died. I’d been researching computers for several months already because the Dell was terminally ill for about a year. I wanted a computer that would be beneficial to my photography, amongst other things, and my final conclusion was that I needed a Mac. So, a few months ago I invested in the new Macbook and spent the following few weeks completely lost whenever I sat in front of it. I am still finding things on a regular basis that I didn’t know it did and really wish that I could take a class or something. A friend set me up with Adobe Photoshop CS, Elements and Lightroom for my photos and I am currently learning how to use them. Well, I am learning how to use Lightroom (and absolutely loving it) but still way too intimidated by Photoshop! I bought a green cover for her (yes, the Mac is a her) to protect her and to make her pretty (green is by far the best color in the world).
And I have to say, this Mac HAS CHANGED MY LIFE and I”LL NEVER GO BACK!! Seriously, I can’t believe how attached I am! BTW, her name is Lynn…


3 thoughts on “>It’ll Change Your Life

  1. >… another one bites the dust! Welcome to the wonderful (though admittedly sometimes infuriating) world of Mac. Make sure you get your protection care plan. And enjoy discoveries (like speakable items!).

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