>Catching Up

>Can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I last wrote a blog post. Today is probably not the best day for me to pick it back up but I kinda miss it and I’m thinking I’ve probably lost all my readers anyway…

Life is about as far from normal as it can get right now. On March 16th I flew from Thailand to the US via Seoul and Tokyo. It was a pretty long day (38 hours with the time difference) but my flights were relatively smooth and I liked flying Korean Air instead of my regular flights on China Air. My cousin Wendy picked me up from the airport and I spent that day and the following day with her. Wendy, her husband Joe and daughter Lena are amazing, I am so blessed to have them as a part of my family. There are few people in the world whom make others feel comfortable and at home with them all the time, but this family definitely fits that mold. I just wish I could spend more time with them! On Wednesday we went on a two mile hike near their home and I shot a bunch of photos. Not sure what made me decide that a hike in flip flops was a good idea the day after arriving but I got some good shots! 🙂
On Wednesday night I went down to San Diego and finally got to see Tam. A year and a half without seeing my sister is too long! It makes me wish apparition were really possible and I could see her any time I wanted. I got to spend that Friday with my good friend Erin whom I love and miss dearly. She had a precious little girl last year and meeting Avery was amazing! Look how beautiful she is in the photo I took:
On Saturday, Tam and I drove up to Porterville where our parents live. It was so good to see them again, I’ve missed them so much! And I finally got to meet Lucy whom is absolutely adorable!

On Tuesday night, Great Uncle Dick arrived and Tam and I both got to meet him for the first time. On Wednesday Tam and I drove to Sparks NV, picked up Andrew and Joshua and then drove back to Porterville. It was about a 14 hours day but totally worth it! I can’t believe how grown up the boys are. Andrew is 12, Josh is 11 and they are both so nice, they definitely stole my heart years ago and still have it. I wish that I could see them more often. Every once in a while, between all the laughter, I can’t help but be overcome by sadness when I’m with them. I so with that Tiffany was alive to see how amazing her boys are, she would be so proud! But after the sadness comes the reminder and the thankfulness that they are so loved by their dad and step-mom!
Yesterday morning Tam, Uncle Dick and the boys all went home, leaving mom, dad and I alone. The apartment seems very quiet after after 7 people and 5 dogs in it! Tomorrow I plan on heading up to San Jose and then the Sacramento area. After that I’ll be in Southern CA and hopefully MO too. I keep trying to nail down my plans but having no money or transportation makes it difficult. Plus my jet-lag is pretty bad this time and that makes thinking about anything difficult. But overall, I’m happy to be here and happy to be with my family and friends. I’m truly blessed!
And I promise to write more about my trip as it happens… hopefully there is someone out there still reading! 🙂

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