>So I just found out that there is a TV show called “The Price of Beauty” in which Jessica Simpson travels the world to see what other cultures consider beautiful. Yes I know that I am way behind the times and you have probably all heard of it but I am always late in learning these things, it’s the price I pay for living on the other side of the world. Anyway, I’m not at all sure what I think of the show but I just watched the first episode and in it she visited Thailand. I was impressed with the way they portrayed daily life in Thailand and it made even more homesick than I already am! Anyway, if you are curious about what life is like where I live, check it out by watching the video or clicking on the link for a bigger version.


One thought on “>Glimpse

  1. >I'd heard of this show but thought it was going to be really stupid. I am seriously disgusted with the way they acted in the market (with the bugs) but I was pretty impressed with the concept of the show. ALSO IT MADE ME MISS THAILAND HEAPS!!thanks for sharing, baybeh

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