>"I make lists in my sleep, baby…"

>”…what’s my sin? Never quit, I follow through. I hate mess but I love you.”

There are so many things that I should have been blogging about over the past two months that I’ve been in America and it just hasn’t been happening. I’ve been busy. And by busy, I mean crazy amounts of traveling and losing my mind while loving my life. It’s been good. If I had been blogging, here are some of the things you might have read about here:
  • my time with my amazing friend, Dana and how great it was to reconnect with someone who knew me in all the awkwardness that was my life in junior high.
  • the haunted bathroom/ friendly ghost throwing things at me in an antique store
  • the newly released inmates I rode with
  • the mental patients I rode with including the lady who loved to paint
  • culture shock and all that comes with it; driving on the wrong side of the road, becoming overwhelmed in Target, randomly speaking Thai to non-Thai speakers and being stared at like I should have joined the lady who loved to paint, etc.
  • how incredibly blessed I am
  • how incredibly homesick I am
  • how it sucks to cry with friends over Skype
  • the violence in Thailand and how I wish it would stop
  • my nephews who just happen to be the most handsome boys in the world. fact.
  • insomnia
  • my innermost thoughts on all the things I’m learning about myself and the world
  • my curiosity about why people insist that I should have a Thai boyfriend
  • and many many many more
After having read that list, you are probably happy that I haven’t been blogging. Yes, I’m always thinking about you. Yes, you.

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