>Christmas Wish Lists


A few people have been asking for Christmas Wish Lists from Aon, Ya and myself and we got super duper excited at the thought of having Christmas gifts this year! However, we didn’t expect it to be quite so hard to figure out what to ask for. 😐 So I’ve put together this list which ranges from really expensive (dreaming big) to not at all expensive (dreaming realistically). I’ll be adding to it as we think of things so if you don’t see something that you want to send, check back later or just surprise us! 🙂

Jen’s Wish List



iTunes Gift Cards

Pants, size 14

Shirts, size L

Books (Fantasy/SciFi/anything!!)

TOMS shoes, size 7, any color

Aon’s Wish List

iPod Touch

Levi’s, size 29/29

Pants, size 2/4

Shirts, size S

Silver jewelry

Ya’s Wish List

Crocs *Crocband Flat, size 7, color black

Sewing Machine

Recipe Books

Craft Books (sewing, beading, etc.)

Pants, size 4/6

Shirts, size S/M

General Things for all 3 of us:

Money towards a beach trip that we hope to take next year (the girls have never been)

Snacks (granola bars, trail mix, anything)

Toothpaste (Aquafresh, Mentadent refills)





If you’ve made it this far, let me tell you a little about us in case you want to free lance in your gift giving. 🙂

Aon is 33 and very down to earth. You wouldn’t know it upon first meeting her but she loves fashion; pretty clothes, jewelry, etc. She likes to take pictures and see the beauty in the things around her that most people might not mention. Aon is our teacher, preacher and friend.

Ya is 32 and crafty. She can fix pretty much anything that is broken and enjoys doing it. She loves to bake and her baked goods are amazingly delicious!! She enjoys sewing and dreams of one day owning a sewing machine. Ya and my mom would get along great! Ya is our dreamer with a smile that lights up a room.

I’m assuming that you already know me if you are reading this. But if not:

Jen is 31 and a bit of a book nerd. She’s a homebody who is content as long as there are books and friends nearby. She loves technology and thinks the internet is a God-send! Jen loves to write and take photos and even more, she loves when her photos make others smile. Jen is our documenter, recording our lives as we go, on film and in print.

If you would like to send Christmas gift to these wonderful (and very poor) girls, they can be sent to:

178/236 Moo 7, WCL

T.Nong Kway, A. Hang Dong

Chiang Mai, 50230


Any questions? 🙂


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