>"Summertime and the livin is easy…"

>Each year as March creeps closer, I start cringing in anticipation of another Thailand summer. I’m a winter person at heart. At least I used to be, but after five years in Thailand I’m now a bit of a wimp in the cold. But I still prefer cold to hot. I love layering on clothes and curling up under piles of blankets at night. I love fireplaces and sitting next to the heater. I love the whole process of trying to get warm. I don’t, however, love trying to get cool. There’s only so much you can do, so many layers you can remove before you can no longer leave your house.

I’m pretty sure that God chuckled a little bit and His sense of humor came out on the day He decided to send me to Thailand. Thailand, a country that is hot 98% of the time. A country where the summers get so hot and humid you feel like you are breathing water. A country where you sweat so much that three showers a day just doesn’t feel like enough.
And once again, here it is. Summer has arrived, my prayers that it would forget to come this year did not work. (insert sigh of frustration…)
The heat tends to make me lazy, I start procrastinating and don’t want to leave my house.
And every year at this time, I start looking back on my life and wondering if I’ve accomplished enough. Sometimes I look back and feel incredibly accomplished, like I’m living the life I am supposed to live and doing more than I ever imagined. Other times I look back and feel like I have accomplished nothing, that I’m lazy and need to do so much more. Today I felt the latter. So I decided to fight it because it is obviously the devil whispering lies in my ear. He knows how to bring me down and I’ve decided that I’m not going to let him do it this time. I’ve decided to be positive and start writing down my accomplishments, the things the Lord has helped me to do.
So devil, you may as well back off, because you are not going to win this one!
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” -Phil. 4:13

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