>Compliments From The Unknown

>So I’m walking through the mall today and this woman comes up next to me, turns her head 90 degrees and stares at me. I look at her, smile and continue walking but she doesn’t stop staring or walking right beside me. I look at her again thinking that maybe I know her, but I don’t so I stop and smile at her again. She stops also and the following conversation happens (all in Thai but I’ll translate it to English just cause I love you all).

unknown woman: “You are so beautiful.”
me: “Wow, thank you.”
unknown woman: “Oh! You speak Thai?”
me: “Yes, some.”
unknown woman: “You are beautiful, so beautiful. Are you American?”
me: “Yes.”
unknown woman, said while stroking my arm: “Oh. You are beautiful, I like you.”
me: “Thank you so much.”
And then we parted ways. I have to say that I like that unknown woman, she made my day. 🙂

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