>The following is a conversation I just had with Tam on Kik (which is awesome, btw. If you have it, let me know and we can chat.):

(Tam is in blue, I’m in green.)
Remember when you had a pager?
You were so cool.
I would page you and wait and wait for you to call.

And be like, “I typed 911, why isn’t she calling?”
And I’d have to find a pay phone and then money to call you.

What was your code so that I knew it was you?

You’re so 1996.
That is totally the year I got my first pager, I felt so cool wearing it. Sometimes I’d pull it out and look at it just so people would think I was important.
Or you would make it buzz.
I was rad.

I love technology and the fact that I can chat real time with my sister from the other side of the world for free.
I don’t miss my pager or faking my importance…

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