>A Story of Victory

>If you like to read blogs, you should definitely follow my friend Karyn and her blog Girl of Cardigan. She has an honest way of writing that always leaves me pondering the meaning of life. Or the meaning of fashion. Or ways to save money…

Anyway I was catching up on her blog tonight when I came across this gem. It got me thinking about the victory that we already have in God. I’m going through my own personal stuff right now, we all are. And I’m really good at putting my struggles in perspective when I’m hanging out with orphans, rescuing people from the sex trade or in general just surrounded by a godless people in a godless nation. (That last sentence makes me sound way cooler than I am, definitely not tooting my own horn!) But I get home at the end of the day and I curl up in bed with my dogs and all my personal stuff comes rushing back in. How often do I acknowledge the victory that is already mine and give it all to God? Not very often. It’s more likely that I fall asleep pleading with God to fix all that is wrong and give me a little peace.
But the victory is already mine, the battle has already been won. God doesn’t need me pleading and begging for world peace, He’s already got it in the bag, without my help. So I am trying to learn to give everything to him and rest in the victory He has given me. Seems much easier to do it His way.
Before I sign off, I have to share my favorite part of Karyn’s post which I am still pondering (go read the whole thing!):
So often I look at people and forget to notice that they are more than the moments I’ve witnessed. We’re all wandering around with our baggage and our scars, and each one of us will remain a total mystery to a huge percentage of the folks we’ll meet. It’s comforting and terrifying, this knowing that we have all had to do our own overcoming, that each of us is breakable, that we have all returned from our own unimaginables.

2 thoughts on “>A Story of Victory

  1. >Aw, Jen… I wish I could give you a big hug for this post. 🙂 You are, like, the epitome of victory, my friend. Keep doing amazing things. You inspire the socks off of me. :)love.

  2. >Hello Jennifer Sue! I, too, love Karyn's blog; I think she should write a book. I love yours, too, and appreciate your wittiness and openness. And I love the new look of it! Sending you hugs from CA!

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