My Personal Randomness

I just came across this “25 Random Things” post that I did on Facebook a few years ago and it made me smile. Thought I’d repost it here. Here’s some randomness about me:

1. My favorite color is green, it makes me smile. If I could, I’d paint the whole world green and never get sick of it.

2. I LOVE learning new Thai words and use them as much as possible.

3. My favorite sound is when the spine on a brand new book creaks for the first time.

4. My favorite smell is paper.

5. My little sister is my best friend in the world, she knows me better than anyone else and I don’t know what I would do without her.

6. Phone calls late at night or really early in the morning make my heart skip several beats in fear because that is how I heard that my older sister died.

7. I love to make people laugh and spend far too much time looking stupid to invoke laughter.

8. I can’t watch horror movies or war movies or anything bloody because the images stay in my mind for years and cause nightmares.

9. And yet, one of my favorite tv shows is Supernatural. It freaks me out but I can’t get enough of it.

10. I miss my dogs during the day and can’t wait to get home and see them every night.

11. I hate talking on the phone and avoid it as much as possible.

12. I daydream a lot.

13. I had my ear cut off when I was 14 years old.

14. My dreams at night are so vivid and I spend a lot of trying to figure out if something really happened or was just a dream.

15. Photography is often my only creative outlet and I depend on it to relax sometimes.

16. I love to write and in another life might be an author. However, I can’t handle people reading my stuff in front of me and I have to leave the room. I think this stems from the time in 6th grade when my English teacher told me I was a bad writer.

17. I enjoy problem solving.

18. I’m an introvert and need a lot of down time.

19. I hate feeling left out. I always want to be invited to everything, even though I will often say I can’t go because of my introvertedness.

20. I am super claustrophobic and hate small places and big crowds. Even watching them on tv sometimes makes me hyperventilate.

21. I passed out when I tried scuba diving in 2006. Regaining consciousness under the water was the scariest moment of my life and caused me to pass out again.

22. I have a very strong love/hate relationship with fund-raising. (maybe I’ll blog about this soon.)

23. I absolutely love cheesy teeny bopper movies and I’m not at all ashamed to admit it.

24. Sometimes I wish I was Thai and sometimes I really love being a foreigner in Thailand.

25. Sometimes it freaks me out that bugs don’t freak me out anymore like they did before I moved to Thailand. I mean, is it really healthy to not care when there are bugs crawling on you?! (This definitely does not include moths or butterflies which are still the freakiest things in the world.)

I love my life and often feel so blessed and lucky to be living it!


One thought on “My Personal Randomness

  1. Wow, Jennifer Sue, that was quite a list! Loved reading it. I can totally relate to several of your items (#11, #18). Totally agree with you about scuba diving, which is why I’ve never tried it! Kudos to you for trying. Never knew about #13! Sending you heaps of hugs and lots of love!

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