Called to Love

I believe that God called me to ministry around the age of 5. In elementary school I knew that when I grew up I’d be in ministry. In my late teens and early twenties I ran from that calling and tried to live outside it. I believed that there was nothing special inside me, that there was no way I could change the world. But luckily God knew what was inside me much better and He never gives up on His children. He spoke to me on a daily basis, no matter how many times I ignored Him, until one day I listened. I was 22, sitting on a rock in a quarry in Mexico, and I decided it was taking way too much energy to ignore God. So I opened my heart and listened.

That was the day that my life began to change. I use the word “began” because in no way did I instantly become perfect. My life is in a constant state of changing and learning. I am on a continual journey of learning God’s will in my life. I will achieve perfection one day when I join my Father in heaven, but until then, I am flawed. I have hang-ups that trip me up on a regular basis. But I never stop trying to overcome them. And luckily, God never stops providing what I need to overcome and succeed. 

I am called to love people. It sounds simple and some of you may argue that loving people is not really a calling. But I joyfully disagree! Some are called to be pastors and healers, I am called to love. It’s what I’m good at and where my gifts lie. So I love people and I love loving people! I open myself up to the work of the Holy Spirit and He shows me who needs to experience His love, through me.

I believe that every one of us has a calling from God. Do you know what yours is? Are you living your calling? Or are you living outside it? 

I ask because, as someone who has done both, I’m here to tell you that living your calling is so much easier than than living outside of it. Your life can be extraordinarily blessed beyond measure! And even better, you can be a blessing to the world! 

Open your ears and heart to God’s calling on your life and you will never EVER regret it!



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