Many of you have heard me talk over the years about our work on the Thailand/Burma border, about the need for Jesus there and the many people who have been rescued. Life Impact International is a ministry that we have partnered with. Empower International has helped this ministry from their first days and we believe so strongly in what God has called them to do. Please watch this video about what is happening here in Thailand and please pray for Life Impact, Empower International and the many other ministries working to free children from slavery and horrific lives.


One thought on “Freedom

  1. Hi Jen, I’m so glad I decided to look you up, your story is even more incredible than I thought. Woah 10 years as a full time Missionary in Thailand must be so difficult. Not sure if you got my e-mail (I heard you were very busy) but I wanted to see if we could arrange an interview to speak about the calling that has taken you to Thailand.
    I believe it’s amazing to be able to let go of so much to give even more. If you have a couple minutes I would like the opportunity to hold an interview with you in person if you are still in the States, otherwise perhaps we could arrange an interview via Skype. I sent you the details via e-mail. Let me know if you got it.

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