Miracles, Part 1

Last month I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever. If you don’t know what that is, don’t Google it, just trust me that it’s not at all fun.

I woke up one Monday morning with a headache, by 9am my legs started aching and by 11am I hurt. The word “hurt” doesn’t really do it justice, I was in so much pain that I had to keep moving every part of my body or I felt like I’d pass out. I was dizzy to the point that a friend had to walk me home from the office (it’s next door) because I could barely stand up. I had a fever and was throwing up. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Throughout that week, I continued to feel worse and worse. I went in three times to get IV’s with fluids and medicines to calm my muscles and stop the vomiting. My doctor wanted to hospitalize me multiple times but I refused. The problem is that Dengue Fever doesn’t have a cure. It’s a virus carried by mosquitoes and transferred through a mosquito bite and if you get it, you have to just wait it out and hope it passes quickly.

And it is so painful that just remembering it now creates panic. I’ve become obsessed with mosquito repellant!

On Friday afternoon, day 5, I was fed up. I was exhausted and hated Dengue Fever with every fiber of my being. And I was frustrated.

The next day I was supposed to go to an outreach that my church was doing. I’d signed up weeks before and had been looking forward to it. And I was beyond frustrated that I was going to miss it. So I called my Thai girlfriends and asked them to come and pray for me. Three of them came over, laid hands on me and prayed for healing. We took communion together and then I went back to bed, praying that I’d wake up feeling better.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling awful. But I was also feeling stubborn. I decided that I didn’t care how sick I was, I was going to the outreach. And I went. And I was miserable all day. I could barely stand or walk and the dizziness was out of control. But I got home that night and fell back into bed feeling thankful to have been a part of the outreach, even though I didn’t help with anything.

Sunday morning I woke up to my alarm and 90% of me wanted to stay in bed and keep sleeping all day. However, the remaining 10% of me wanted to get up and go to church. So I did.

I have to stop for a moment and explain that this is not normal behavior for me. I am someone who wallows in sickness and pain. I am the wimpiest person alive when it comes to feeling bad and my usual response is to curl up in a fetal position and cry. Seriously.

But something (or Someone) was stirring in my spirit that weekend. I got up and I went to church. And my pastor preached on healing. It was an AMAZING sermon. Seriously, I was positive that he was speaking only to me. And I soaked in every single one of his words, determined to learn about and believe in my own healing.

You see, I’ve been feeling fed up with sickness. I seem to have a non-existent immune system and I catch every cold and flu that goes around. I’ve wasted too much time over the past few years being sick and I’m done with it.

Pastor Nathan talked about how God wants us to be healthy and we must believe that He has already provided our healing. He talked about the different myths that churches and Christians believe about healing and he counteracted each myth with multiple bible verses. It was a really great teaching and I was super blessed!

I went home from church that afternoon and crawled back in bed. And this is where the miracle comes in.. I woke up a couple hours later and the sickness was gone. Completely. I have no other way to explain it except to say that God healed me.

I started praying and thanking God and felt Him speaking to me. He told me that He provided the healing but it was my acting in faith, getting up and going out and believing that He would heal me, that activated the healing. Weeks later and I’m still in awe. God is so amazing!

A couple days later my doctor called to check up on me. She asked if I was ready to be hospitalized yet or if I needed to get another IV of fluids. When I told her that I was feeling 100% better, she didn’t believe me. She asked me several times if I was telling the truth before finally believing me. She said that it didn’t make any sense that I could be better, that I should be sick for at least another week, if not longer.

And that is when I got to tell her that God healed me. My very own miracle. 🙂


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