Repost: An Adoption Story

I have to repost a story written by a friend. Actually, I’ve only met Ashley a couple of times but I went to San Jose Christian College with her husband Josh. Over the years since college, our friendship has existed solely over email and Facebook but that’s the way of things nowadays, isn’t it? Especially since I live on the opposite side of the world!

This story made me cry. Like sitting at my desk, all choked up with tears streaming down my face, cry. I have a heart for children and I love that God has placed me in a ministry where I get to love on kids on a regular basis. Someday I might have my own but for now, I am completely content with all the orphans that have wiggled their way into my heart over the past couple years. Unfortunately, the majority of them have been rescued from the sex trade or are considered illegal refugees whom nobody seems to want or they have simply been thrown away by the ones who should have loved them the most. My heart is constantly breaking with every story I hear and it just makes me want to love them more and more. And so naturally, I love to hear adoption stories. Families who adopt children into their hearts, who have so much love to give that they want to share it outside of their own DNA, those whom God has specifically called to care for the lost children of the world, I think those people all deserve super-hero status. Whether or not they wear spandex and a cape is up to them, in my mind they have super-powers. Josh and Ashley Christian, you are both super-heroes!

The following is an excerpt of their adoption story, a story that is still in process. As Ashley says “I pray this story has given you HOPE, if you’ve had none, that God still answers prayers, but not in the way we expect.  Nope, even better.  I pray also this story has given you FAITH, that if God has called you to something you can confidently follow.”

“This story will contain many references about God, so now you’ve been warned!  This story begins 5 years ago, when there was just Josh, Ashley, toddling Jaden, and baby Trace.  God put adoption on our hearts.  It was not fully the thing to us then that it is today, just so you know, you don’t have to feel over-the-top adoption passion to consider it.  It’s a feeling that grows, and maybe it starts because of infertility, or age, or wanting a certain gender, or something, but given time, it has the power to stand on it’s own.  And it is a thing of intense trial, and stunning beauty.

We spent about a year researching, discussing, pondering, praying, jaw dropping and scheming over the cost.  We changed programs a few times and settled on adopting a little girl from Vietnam, her name was going to be Taliah Riann.  We started our homestudy, met with our social worker, got finger prints, passports, filed our 1-600A, started our dossier, all that fun and expensive international adoption stuff.  Now let me tell you this is a story of chances and odds, and how God totally disregards those.

Chances were 99.9% against a little surprise who was born to us 9 months later and never stopped spitting up and then smiling at us for the first 15 months of life!  I do admit my very first thought was, seriously God?

Proverbs 20:24 “The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”

You can find the full story (and I strongly encourage you to go read it) on their blog: Life According to the Christians.